Our Story

Empowering great companies and individuals to connect, learn and unleash their full potential. Look out world!

There's a lot of talk about the need for education and industry to work together, to forge stronger relationships so they can both evolve. But honestly, there aren't many people out there who walk the talk.

The scary thing about that is there are companies operating today that won't survive unless they embrace innovation and make it part of their daily to-do lists, recruiting the right talent to deliver new ideas.

The other challenge is that we're still qualification led when it comes to education, despite all signs pointing to a future where a qualification doesn't necessarily get you a job and definitely won't sustain you throughout a (long) working life. Progressive employers will (and many already do) want to see evidence of current, relevant skills demonstrated through past experiences.

So we have created Paper Plane with a two-part mission.

Firstly, we want to help people learn the skills that will set them free to do what they love and have an amazing career, and secondly, we want to empower businesses to innovate and get access to a pipeline of great talent.

Paper Plane Projects is the platform we set up to achieve our mission. We are a small, passionate team hellbent on creating amazing project-led learning experiences that solve real business challenges.

Paper Plane is here to future-proof our workers and our businesses, helping them realise their dreams in anticipation of a vastly changed workplace into the 2020s and beyond. Bring it on.

Paper Plane Unites industry and talent
Paper Plane Unites industry and talent

Our philosphy

Paper Plane believes in the limitless potential of education, that we hope will be a sacred rite for all one day, a way to address imbalance - through learning that is less linear, and more personalised; less centralised and more experiential; that puts the whole person, heart and mind, front and centre. Education for the future is not just a pathway to employment, but a foundation for a life long learner's journey, with support along each curve in the squiggly line of life.


Paper Plane people are big-picture thinkers. We push for profound and radical change, leading the charge along all kinds of exciting new paths.


We believe that every human has limitless potential to create better ways of getting things done. So we designed a product with limitless possibilities for stretching and evolving as our learners tell us where they want to go.


In the future, skill requirements will transition faster and more often; everyone should feel empowered to ride these changes – and embrace them.

Our Team

Mike O'brien
Managing Director

Mike has a diverse background in design and education and has a passion for bringing creative thinking to the creation of amazing and seamless customer experiences across both digital and physical environments

Chris Ventura
Product Lead

Chris believes in a future where all human beings feel empowered to express their unique gifts to the world. A visionary product manager with over 11 years’ experience in digital who thrives on pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Kenneth Wong
UX Lead

Ken designs great user experiences. He has over 15 years of experience designing award-winning websites and applications that deliver value to businesses and delight to users.

Rebecca Dalton
UI Lead

Rebecca brings together the logic of user experience principles, the aesthetic of visual design and the psychology of interaction design to ensure a successful and enjoyable user experience online.

Dominica Meyer
Project Lead

Min is inspired by big picture visions and motivated by her love of the challenge in the details of delivery. Min brings over 9 years of project and operations experience to the team to ensure the start-up runs smoothly.

James Beilharz
Coaching Lead

Jamie B not only brings out the best in people, he brings out their amazingness! As a life coach and GALLUP certified strengths coach, he helps people discover their unique talents and empowers them to live from a place of empowerment.