Welcome to Paper Plane

Mike O'Brien
17 January, 2017
About Us

At Paper Plane, we are so excited and incredibly motivated to launch a new platform to the world, marking the dawn of a new era in learning. Paper Plane was created with 2 customer experiences in mind – learners and employers.  For learners it represents an opportunity to gain relevant skills and experience by solving real challenges on real projects while receiving employer certification and recommendations.  In addition, every learner has their own dedicated Gallup certified coach to help them identify and achieve their career goals.  For employers it nurtures innovation through crowd-sourcing while providing direct access to talent.

Creating such a transformational platform requires a perfect storm of both hearts and minds. As Managing Director of Paper Plane I have had the incredible privilege over the past 2 years of working with the most talented and dedicated group of industry and educational architects to innovate, create, iterate and, most of all, learn!

  • Chris Ventura, our Product Lead has been driven from day 1 with a strong sense of urgency to create a better future that addresses the imbalances in our world.
  • Rebecca Dalton, our User Interface Lead has brought excitement, creativity and style to help make the learning experience engaging.
  • Ken Wong our User Experience Lead is uniquely armed with customer insights that help him shape how users interact and engage with our platform
  • Min Meyer our Project Administrator has ensured the team hits its’ goals in a professional and nurturing way
  • James Beilharz, our Coaching Lead has an infectious energy and an enthusiasm for helping people smash their goals; and
  • Fiona King our Marketing Lead has beautifully crafted our message to ensure it is heard out there in the word.

A very special mention must also go to the many people – our backers and mentors, our amazing and growing employer partners (who see and believe in our vision), our project creator and lead Jamie Engel and our friends and families who have traveled this amazing and challenging ‘start-up ‘ journey with us.

It is time to see how Paper Plane flies. Our Mission is to bring more affordable, relevant and timely learning to the world – to you – wherever you are!  We are uniting industry and talent to create and grow.

This is the future of learning and we can’t wait for you to join us for the ride.



Mike O'Brien
17 January, 2017
Mike O'Brien
17 January, 2017