How it works

Choose your project

Pick one that's relevant to your interests and the skills you're looking to develop.

Solve real-world problems

If you're selected, the company will brief you on an actual business obstacle that needs tackling.

Get the skills

Work through the obstacle, skill up for your desired industry, and get as much experience as you can!

Get recommended

Complete the project, use the employer's recommendations for each skill you demonstrated and stand out from the crowd.

Professional coaching all the way

Discover your talents

Our coaches use the globally-recognised Gallup™ StrengthFinder to help you identify your unique strengths, working with you to build on them and reach your full potential.

With you all the way

Your coach is there for you on your journey - they want to see you fully thrive.

1:1 attention

Each project factors in one-on-one sessions with your coach so you can reflect on your experiences and plan your next steps.

Coaching is the missing piece for learners - it offers a personal level of support that places the learner in an empowered state of being. I am constantly humbled to see the transformation that happens with learners throughout the coaching process; I see a long-lasting kind of growth that not only affects how they perform in their projects but which trickles into all aspects of their life. From this place, the best learning and life decisions are made.
James Beilharz

Skills that matter

Each project has been co-crafted with employers and industry bodies to make sure you're learning the skills that will propel you forward in your career journey.

Real projects. Real experience.

This is industry and talent joining forces to create real, experience-based learning. Our brand of education celebrates the power of divergent and lateral thinking. It puts the whole person, heart and mind, front and centre.

Learning that fits into your life

No need to quit your day job - Paper Plane is a totally manageable commitment, with weekly evening workshops conducted via video conferencing, and reading/videos delivered digitally so you can consume on the go. It's also time-flexible, like the Netflix for learning: you can binge-learn or spread your learning throughout your week...

Watch me fly

All of our projects are outcome driven and designed to achieve your goals, whether that's to get promoted, land your dream job, build your network, get noticed - or all of the above! Feel what it's like to be in demand - in the driver's seat.

Paper Planers share the love

Michaela completed our multi-channel storytelling project in 2016

She's now been recommended for skills in social media content marketing, multi-channel storytelling, metrics and data visualisation, user journey mapping and the art of storytelling, by employer Switchboard Media. Her solution has been brought to life in The Laps documentary series narrated by Martin Sacks.

I found the one-on-one coaching session with my coach highly valuable - I have not had this in any other course. It was good to talk about my strengths and how they could be used in the future.
I regularly find myself saying, "I’m glad I’m taking this class.” The content is interesting, I feel like I’m learning, and it’s really cool to be collaborating with the other students.
I felt like I was getting a world class education and getting ahead of the workforce by taking the course. Well worth it and I would highly recommend to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our workshops are digital, so you can complete a Paper Plane project from anywhere in the world. We'll also offer face-to-face workshops if all learners happen to be in the same city.

We'll be announcing new projects on a regular basis. Check back in to the website, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for the latest news

It varies with the learner, but we usually say you need to set aside 10 - 12 hours per week to get full value out of the projects.

Our main consideration is whether our project is the right fit for your experience, and your goals - which we'll gauge when we contact you.

You can pay the full amount up front, or we can help you pay in 2 instalments

Eventually we'll be creating projects for all industries. At the moment we're focusing on Design - stay tuned for the rollout of new kinds of projects in coming months.

You'll receive a credential from the company and us that will be valued by industry. This will help build your CV and digital profile (and personal brand, if that's your goal).

Our project group size is limited to 12 places per project, and you'll work in small teams of 3-4 to complete the project challenge.

The current projects are at an introductory discounted price of $1500 per project.

Generally for 7 weeks - though we might offer shorter or longer projects depending on the partner company and the project.

We usually recommend you only join one project at a time if you're working full-time. If you're super keen, you can talk with your career coach about taking on a second project.

We ask that you be 100% sure you're available before you apply for a project. If unexpected stuff crops up we'll do our best to fit you into a similar project further down the track.

Each project has a selection process. Basically, once you've submitted your expression of interest expect to be contacted for an interview by a Paper Plane staffer. From there, we'll confirm your selection.