Your Goal

3D printing is changing the way goods are designed, made and sold. Instead of being mass-produced in a factory and shipped around the globe, goods can now be customised and made-to-order on location for an individual. This will radically transform the way businesses operate and engage consumers.

The goal of this project is to design a product that can be customised and made with 3D printing technology. Throughout this project you'll explore 3D visualisation, rapid prototyping and apply the business model canvas to create something that you could launch to market.

Ideal for people interested in:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Design
  • 3D printing
  • Consumer Products

Indicative structure only. Subject to change.

Skills You'll learn

Product Management Fundamentals

Behaviour Design

Design and human behaviour are intimately connected. A strong design can promote and change people's behaviours. Conversely, knowing how humans react can help you design interactions that feel like magic. An understanding of behavioural design will help you design better.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate your understanding of behaviour design by leveraging your awareness of how people and design connect to create strong design that can alter people's behaviour.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is about making sure people can use your product. It involves showing real people a preview of your designs and asking them what they think. In doing so you'll learn what works (and what doesn't) with your current design. These insights will make your final product more intuitive and can help you avoid costly rework later down the track.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate your understanding of usability testing by testing your designs with real users and refining your designs from their feedback.

Wireframing and Prototyping

A wireframes is a mockup of a web page or screen in an app. It shows how the page/screen will be laid out and how different elements relate to each other. They are used early in the design process to help ideate and iterate possible solutions. Once you're happy with the direction you can create a prototype by linking your wireframes together to simulate your final product. This will give you a much better sense of how your product will feel and can be used in usability testing to get some user feedback.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate your understanding of wireframing and prototyping by creating a mockup that conveys to others how your product/app might work.

User Journey Mapping

A user journey tells the story of a user's interactions with a product or service. It details their interactions across both physical and digital touchpoints and captures what they're thinking/feeling/doing at each stage of their journey. Having a user journey map allows you to build empathy for the user and allows you identify opportunities to improve the overall user experience.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate skill in user journey mapping by producing a detailed user journey map describing the various interactions a user has with a product/service

Dispositional Skills

Our fully accredited coaches will sit with you to identify your strengths and focus on an area of development you can work on during the course of the project. Our coaches will give you the best chance of success by setting a personalised action plan you can follow. Regular coaching catchups help ensure you’re on target.

Dispositional skills to choose from:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Empathy
  • Mindfulness

Business Model Canvas

The business model canvas is a strategic management template used to align the value proposition of a business with their audience, product, infrastructure and finances. Businesses use the business model canvas to ensure synergy between their activities and the aim they wish to deliver to their customers.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate your understanding of the business model canvas through applying the key areas of your business idea to the business model canvas.

User Personas

User personas are fictional characters created to reflect the different kind of users that might engage with a product, a brand or a site. A user persona is a representation of the goals and behaviours of a particular segment of users including patterns, skills, attitudes and the environment. User personas give better insights in to your clients or customers; their goals and behaviours.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate an ability to synthesise user research into a singular stereotypical character that demonstrates the target audience of the project/product.


Synthesis is the process of bringing together separate elements or components of a problem in order to form a coherent whole.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate skill in synthesis through contextualising research, ideas and data in order to form a coherent solution to a problem. You will understand how to interpret data to reach a hypothesis, choose a focus area and create context.

Secondary Research

Secondary research is the summary, collation and/or synthesis of existing research . Note: research refers to diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover facts or principles.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate skill in secondary research through secondary research techniques: including identifying, critical review, collation and contextualising of existing research. You will also demonstrate an ability to communicate the results and embed actionable insights towards solving problems.

Primary Research

Primary research is first-hand research, carried out to answer specific issues or questions. It can involve questionnaires, surveys or interviews with individuals or small groups. Note: research refers to diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover facts or principles.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate primary research techniques including: problem identification, questionnaire or survey construction, carrying out research interviews, presenting your research with data visualisation, communicating research results and embedding actionable insights toward solving problems.

Creativity & Ideation

Creativity and ideation are the processes of generating ideas, insights and solutions that are contextual to a brief, scenario or problem.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate competency in ideation through generating ideas that are contextual to a problem. You will demonstrate creativity in the ideation process by approaching the problem from varying perspectives and using information from various sources to drive your ideation approach.


Communication is the purposeful activity of information exchange between two or more participants in order to convey a message or deliver an intended meaning.

Behavioural outcome

You will demonstrate competency in communication by successfully transmitting your ideas, thinking, processes and solutions in a way that is easily understood by others. A range of techniques may be used to demonstrate this competency including body language, written, visual and oral styles.

The Delta Difference

A big thank you to the Paper Plane team. I am sure that we all walked away with life skills that we'll be able to apply to future projects. The amount of support and dedication was wonderful.
I felt like I was getting a world class education and getting ahead of the workforce by taking the course. Well worth it and I would highly recommend to everyone.

Dates & Fees

Next Start Date
Starts 20 Feb
7 weeks
??? ??? 2017 - ??? ??? 2017
$??? (incl gst)
Money back guarantee* if you pay up front!

About the Company

3D Printing Studios are leaders in the Australian 3D printing industry. Passionate about bringing ideas to life, a team of highly skilled 3D designers and product engineers work with the customer to conceptualise, 3D visualise, prototype and produce their product. With a huge range of printing materials, industrial and commercial printers, 3D Printing Studios boasts the widest capability of 3D printing in Australia and Singapore.